VVVVVV Demo 2.0

Retro gaming has never been so good


  • Simple Controls
  • Great puzzles
  • Excellent soundtrack


  • Hard


Retro platform games are nothing new, but with VVVVVV, developer Terry Cavanagh has created a game that is truly special, and that easily stands alongside any of the early gaming greats.

There is a story to VVVVVV - you're a space captain, who has lost his crew in an accident. Teleported to a strange space craft, you must find your crew and escape. Unlike most platformers, there's no jump button. Instead, by pressing V (or another action button), gravity is reversed. In this way you can avoid spikes and other dangerous things in your way. What makes VVVVVV so great is that this unusual mechanic is explored to an almost cruel extent.

Much like Valve's Portal, gravity is the key to puzzles in VVVVVV. It's a lot of fun learning a new way of thinking your way through a platform game, and the puzzles are combined with the need for some pretty fast reactions. Death is common, but lives are unlimited and there are checkpoints in most rooms. While some of the rooms are almost malicious in their design, it's really rewarding to complete them.

To accompany the fast-paced puzzle platform action, there's an absolutely great soundtrack by Souleye bleepy 'chiptune' music that will keep you tapping no matter how hard it gets! And VVVVVVV does get hard, which may put some players off. However, the game is always fair - when you fail it's your fault! Check out the two-level demo, and see if you're up to the challenge! This updated VVVVVV release features ten new levels created by other developers, including the legendary creator of Minecraft, and also a level creator.

VVVVVV is a tour de force of innovative platforming, with a cool look and great soundtrack. An early contender for game of 2010!

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VVVVVV Demo 2.0

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